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Genetic  Disorders

Chromosome abnormalities are recognized as being a major factor contributing to pregnancy loss and account for about 50% of all spontaneous miscarriages. Therefore, rapid diagnosis of aneuploidy using quantitative fluorescence-PCR (QF-PCR) has improved prenatal care for numerous women in the past decade. Pregnancies identified at being at an increased risk of chromosome abnormality by prenatal screening programmes are given a rapid and accurate result.

Biogenuix represents Devyser AB, a Swedish company focused towards manufacturing of high quality products for rapid diagnosis of prenatal diagnosis, reproductive health and chromosome abnormalities by quantitative fluorescence-PCR (QF-PCR) technology. QF-PCR method does not require tedious cell culture work; it only requires minute amounts of tissue material and allows the lab to obtain results within one working day.

The following product range from Devyser AB can be used for the detection of various disorders