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Bioanalytical & Bioprocess

For successful development of biotherapeutics by any pharmaceutical company requires significant investment of resources to meet European Medicines Agency (EMA) and U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) specifications.
The final biological drugs should be free from Endotoxins, host cell protein contaminants & other impurities like Protein A residuals etc. To ensure safety & efficacy of biosimilar drugs 3-D conformational comparison, higher-order structure (HOS) characterization, Immunogenicity is to be conducted between biosimilar & its reference marketed mAB.
We offer a comprehensive range of well validated, easy to use & economical ELISA kits & reagents to improve the quality, purity, and safety of biopharmaceuticals for bioprocess optimization. We are supplying large range of bioprocessing products to all major life sciences and biopharmaceutical companies in India. These products are as under