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Biopreservation Media

Regenerative medicine today has brought new hope to people suffering from diseases previously considered as incurable. Stem Cells and tissues are now harvested and routinely transplanted to patients needing them. Cord blood banks are now storing and making available precious hematopoietic stem cells for therapeutic use in wide variety of disease conditions.

Isolation and processing of biological products, especially live cells and tissues is extremely tedious and expensive procedure. Since the cells are not used immediately at the site of collection, it becomes critical to ensure maximum viability and yield while transporting, freezing and on long term storage while avoiding use of any biologically unsafe reagents or chemicals. We are proud to be associated with Biolife Solution, Inc, offering the world best known serum –free cGMP- grade & USP grade biopreservation media products that significantly extend stability & post preservation viability & function of biologic source material, intermediate & final products.

Biolife Solutions’s Biopreservation media is now incorporated into many therapeutic products while more than 200 products which are already under pre-clinical validation or clinical trials. We also assist customers in arranging support documentation for US FDA Master File Cross Reference.

HOME-BREWED V/s use of c-GMP grade Commercial Cryopreservation Media