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Perfusion Bioreactor – 3D Cell Culture

The 3D Perfusion Bioreactor system from 3D Biotek is a unique Bioreactor for 3D cell culture. The system uses 3D Inserts or 3D Scaffolds which provide a 3D cell culture surface to grow cells in the 3D space. 3D Cell culture is closest to invivo cell culture environment replicating real 3D cell structure . The system can accommodate 40 3D Scaffolds in a single run. The 3D inserts are available in 6-well, 12-well and 24-well 3D Cell Culture plate format.  The system is ideal for growing Stem Cells and for tissue engineering applications. The 3D perfusion Bioreactor provides a continuous perfusion for 3D Cell Culture which is unique, has low running cost, controlled environment and high flexibility.

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