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Reproductive Health – Pregnancy Loss Analysis

Women who have undergone one or more spontaneous abortions caused by chromosomal abnormalities are at an increased risk for pregnancies. Cytogenetic studies of miscarriages are highly recommended even in the case of the first spontaneous abortion. Identification of the possible cause of fetal loss significantly reduces long-term psychological distress in women with a miscarriage and enables improved genetic counseling for those couples in future pregnancies. The most frequently observed numerical chromosomal abnormalities involve chromosomes 13, 15, 16, 18, 21, 22 and X.

Conventional cytogenetic studies (karyotyping or FISH) are expensive and need a long period of time in order to obtain results. Moreover, they result in high rates of culture failure, misdiagnosis due to maternal contamination and cell overgrowth as well as insufficient quality of chromosome preparations.

In comparison to conventional cytogenetic studies, QF-PCR is a simple, easy to use technology and help to obtain results within one working day. Devyser offers a variety of pregnancy loss analysis QF-PCR based kits to study aneuploidy testing of chromosomes X & Y, AZF Infertility, CFTR associated Infertility and Klinefelter syndrome.

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