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Biogenuix Offers Bio-chemicals, Reagents, Kits, Consumables and Lab Automation Instruments which are of interest to Lifescience Researchers in Academia, Pharma Industry, CRO’s and Clinical Diagnostics Laboratories.

Our lifescience product portfolio is probably one of the most comprehensive in the industry covering almost every major lifescience tools & application used in Genomics, Proteomics, Bioprocessing and Bioanalytical analysis, Stem Cell and Biosimilars research. A portfolio of more than a million products!

Our specialized range of Clinical Diagnostics and Clinical Research products include IVD approved kits based on cutting-edge technologies for reliable & early detection of disease, its monitoring and risk assessment thereby enabling professional care givers to offer the best possible patient care.

All our products come with a full money-back guarantee & backed-up by a team of highly committed and helpful professionals managing operations in logistics, scientific and application support- always ready to go an extra mile to assist customers.