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We provide here a list of interesting articles and white papers that me be of interest to you. Do let us know if we can assist you with another references.  By the way, did you also notice the tab ” CITATION SEARCH” on the top of the webpage? Do try it and let us know your views. We love to hear from you!

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1. Site Specific Biotinylated Protein Kinase is Easy-... In characterizing kinase inhibitors for drug discovery research, biophysical assays are increasingly of more
2. Why should I change to OptiPrep for the isolation ... Compared to CsCl and sucrose there are procedural advantages to the use of OptiPrep OptiPrep is a more
3. Assays for Bioprocess Optimization... Development of a single drug, whether it is a new chemical entity, biotherapeutic, or genetic/ more
4. Optimizing Biologics Formulations... Quantifying Trace Subvisible Protein Aggregates Using a Protein Aggregation Assay and Standards more
5. Substrate Selection in Immunoassay Development... Assay development requires that many components such as antibody/antigen systems, blocking and tabilization, more
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